Re-Elect Kathy Lewis for Lakeville Area School Board, Nov 8


Kathy Lewis::

  • Experienced
  • Student Focused
  • Ethical
  • Committed
  • Accountable
  • Passionate
  • Advocate
  • Approachable
  • Respectful



I wholeheartedly support the School District Mission and Goals

School District Mission Statement:

Together with our families and community, Lakeville Area Schools provides educational opportunities to ensure academic, social, civic, and personal readiness for every student.

School District Vision Statement:

To provide a safe, respectful, engaging, rigorous, and collaborative learning environment for all students, families and staff where every person belongs, is valued, and can succeed.

Supports School District Core Goals:

  • Students First: Student needs drive our decisions and actions.
  • Excellence: High expectations for all with everything we do.
  • Collaboration: Working together for common goals.
  • Integrity: Being honest and authentic in every interaction.
  • Responsible: Individually and collectively we are good stewards of our resources.

"Student focused, Community connected"


  • Academic, Career, and Co-Curricular Opportunities for All Children
  • High Quality Safe Work and Educational Environment
  • Safety and security in Schools
  • Strategic and long term vision and planning for curriculum programming and facilities
  • Support to address mental and learning needs

I am Board Experienced, Passionate about Education and Opportunities for students, Advocate, Ethical, Committed, Collaborative, Approachable, Respectful, Non-Partisan

Just a few of the programs I advocated and supported establishment of:

  • Link 12
  • Online K-12 School
  • Passed bond referendum for school safety, facilities, technology, and mental health needs All day kindergarten
  • Impact academy
  • Ignite
  • Mental health task force
  • AP classes
  • Stem in high schools, middle schools and elementaries
  • Business academy
  • Biomedical  / medical academy
  • Career readiness
  • Lakeville Works!
  • Special Education Programs
  • Improved school and cocurricular facilities


  • Personalized learning and education, expanding student opportunities, eliminate achievement gap,
  • Marketing the School district to outside communities
  • Effective stewardship of resources and prudent use of Taxpayer dollars
  • Developing new and expanded partnerships with businesses and community
  • Evaluation of programs with a Return on Investment (ROI) focus
  • Technology as a tool for greater efficiency and effectiveness
  • Staff Development Opportunities

Most Important Issues to me:

  • Individualized learning and education, expanding student opportunities, eliminating achievement gaps are my priorities. 
  • Effective stewardship of resources and prudent use of taxpayer dollars allows the district to be fiscally responsible and evaluate program ROI. 
  • Developing new and expanding partnerships with the community and businesses creates more opportunities for both.
  • Technology is a tool to assist the District to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • Expand recruitment to diversify teaching staff.

School Board Accomplishments during my previous terms on the board:

  • 2022
    • Hired Superintendent
  • 2021
    • Passed bond referendum for 9th elementary, opening 2023-2024
  • 2019
    • Bond referendum for safety and security, facilities for students including pool at Century Middle School, gymnasium at McGuire Midlle School, turf practice fields and IT upgrades
    • Operating Levy for full time elementary counselers, more middle school electives and elementary classroom resources.
  • We continue to seek stakeholder participation and input in making significant district decisions through surveys, increased public engagement, community advisory councils
  • Recently technology has been leveraged to give teachers and students another powerful tool for managing learning, assessment and meeting the students’ individual needs

Background Statement:

  • School Board experience

  • ISD917 Representative for Lakeville Area

  • Home Health Specialist - vaccine clinics

  • Intensive care nurse for Fairview Ridges Hospital, (recently retired)

  • Started and co-chair Lakeville Heart Restart

  • Our 5 children are Lakeville graduates, 3 grandchildren graduates, 6 grandchildren in Lakeville schools.

"Education / Quality Opportunites for ALL students "


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